Creative Director
Mar 2022 – Present

Creative Director
Jan 2021 – Mar 2022

‍Art Director
Apr 2018 – Dec 2020

Kind words

“Nick is a strong leader in design, cross-functional relationship building and team building. The creative feedback and guidance he gives the team is not only clear, but objective, puts the project and work first, and is achievable. He also gives the team room to be creative, interpret the feedback, and feel heard. He also builds great cross-functional relationships by hearing partners, offering suggestions, staying genuinely open to feedback, and being flexible. He's a positive, action-oriented, and most of all, clear lead for the team. I have not worked with a better creative director!

—Creative producer at Asana

“I’m just so impressed with Nick and the unique mixture he brings of excellent creative taste, systematic operational mindset, and sensitivity to individuals and relationships. He is so reliable, responds so quickly, and throughout the chaos, he remains steadfast and calm. It is like magic, he seems to be everywhere all at once.

—Creative ops lead at Asana

“Nick is an excellent coach for his team, continuing to help guide them to being visible collaborators with marketing, and with a seat at the table. He is very even keeled and level headed, always willing to understand. My sense is this has helped his team feel more confident in partnering with marketing, and has helped them become better, more strategic creatives. It's great to see more connective tissue being built across teams with his leadership.

—Marketing partner at Asana

“Nick is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. He always goes above and beyond to ensure all stakeholders and teams collaborate and understand the goals and considerations of the design projects he is involved in. He communicates across different teams throughout different stages of the design process to ensure he captures all the business needs. Nick has been instrumental in bridging the gaps and/or tensions between teams and conflicting opinions. Nick has great insight, innovative design concepts, and thinks outside the box. He always presents his opinion eloquently and respectfully.”

—Brand producer at Zendesk

Creative director with experience leading design teams and bringing creativity and clarity to brands.

Creative leadership


Building stellar teams, fostering accountability, and driving success through hands-on management and advocacy.


Fostering strong cross-functional partnerships, aligning with leadership, and creating seamless customer experiences.


Resourceful and detail-oriented, implementing efficient systems and libraries to streamline processes and consistency.


Leading design teams, elevating brands with creativity and clarity, and enhancing audience relevance and emotional resonance.

My knacks


Work should set a high bar for creative excellence to inspire people.



Work should be clear in its storytelling to resonate.


Work should be distinct and cohesive to build brand awareness.


Work should promote action to move metrics.


Asana's Business magazine and annual global index.

Selection of website screenshots from The Workback.Constellations of unicorns

The workback & Anatomy of work

Stop motion gif of a mini Anatomy of Work bockFour social posts promoting articles from The Workback

Props, imagery, design, and art direction for Zendesk.

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Zendesk brand

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